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Never be frightened to ask the dealer questions, as all reputable dealers are more than willing to help.

There are many good books on the market that give details of hallmarks. Buy the very best that you can afford but always look for value for money 9.

The left box of each row is for the mark, either a photograph or text indicating the name found on the piece.

& Howson Hayne & Cater Hennell family Holland Aldwinckle & Slater Horton & Allday Hukin & Heath W. Jamieson Lambert & Co Lamerie Latham & Morton Levi & Salaman C.

Ramsden Reid & Sons Richards & Brown Roberts & Belk J.

Buying a piece of antique silver can be quite a daunting exercise, especially if it is an expensive piece.

However if the guidelines in this article are followed then the buyer will have a sound base from which to act.