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But while some companies in Fashion technology are successfully raising more money and growing, there is another segment that’s struggling to survive.

These businesses are stalling because of their inability to adapt to the shift in the media consumption behavior of the consumer.

“The first thing I ever sold online was stolen,” admits Sophia Amoruso, who in seven years went from having a string of dead-end jobs to being CEO of Nasty Gal, the online clothing retailer with an impossibly cool rep and 0 million–plus in revenue. Being able to turn something that has no inherent value, like a vintage blouse, into something that some girl feels is total gold–and is willing to pay the price of gold for–just felt really great.

In 2006, while working the security desk at an art school, Amoruso opened an e Bay store to sell vintage clothes, after noticing that similar stores were friending girls like her on Myspace. A French Love Dress is “totally rad.” () It was fun for me. At a certain point, I could hold something up on a hanger and know exactly how it would look on a girl, how I could style it, and how it related to what’s going on in fashion today. Nothing will teach you more about perceived value than taking something with literally no value and selling it in the auction format.

Today, we’re what we share and this is what’s building identities of individuals and brands.

If you can be the source of new fashion ideas and inspiration, you can be the fashion; people will follow you and buy from you.

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During my extremely short customer service career, I’ve managed to meet all kinds of rude customers.

She has now collected those lessons in , forthcoming from Portfolio/Putnam May 6, a book detailing the good (and terrible) choices that got her where she is today. ” Now I’m in a place where I have that big opportunity, but only because I’ve built this thing from small pockets of opportunity that I followed. It all centered around what my customers were responding to. But not a lot of people have built a brand, a living, breathing brand that people feel like they’re part of. I’m not on the phone or in the email inbox all the time, which is where I learned the most. My first employee, Christina, is now the buying director. And aesthetically and culturally, I feel like I’ll never lose that youthful spirit. That makes me hopeful.” Or I meet women at conferences who tell me, “I have a 20-year-old daughter who’s totally flailing, but you give me hope for my child.”I’m sure when you’re a parent, you don’t think, “Oh, my child just needs to go through this phase where they scare the shit out of me.” But that’s what made me capable of taking on what I did at 22. My story of female empowerment, if you can call it that, comes from rejecting everything that the feminist who works at the bookstore on like living less of a life.

The book is aimed at the young women who buy her clothes, and, despite the title, is much less about running a company than about taking charge of your own life. Did you see a big opening when you started Nasty Gal? Would I have ever started a website selling vintage clothing and just hoped people would show up at my URL? EBay gave me the framework to discover I was an e-commerce entrepreneur. E-commerce means that anyone can have an online store, but it’s become a much more crowded space. I tried so many things that didn’t work, and I put my mom through total hell. No one who’s talking to women and girls has a story that’s as approachable as mine. I think it’s more of a challenge to wear a skirt and makeup and be a wife and be a mom and have a job and feel sexy, while also keeping your boyfriend in check and making sure you don’t get treated like shit in the workplace.

Directionless as she was at the time, she had an eye for style, photography, and thrift stores, and knew she could make cast-off pieces look irresistible by using her cute friends as models. It teaches you the beauty and power of presentation, and how you can make magic out of nothing.

The brand she built, named Nasty Gal after funk singer Betty Davis’s 1975 album, earned such a following that it spun off to its own site and, in 2012, attracted nearly million in backing from Index Ventures. You’ve tapped into a young, female culture that can’t get enough of your stuff.

Chat nasty with girls online no sign up